Scenic Mountains

Rich in bio-diversity and an ecologists dream are the many peaks found in the central and Southern regions of the Island. Combined with the exquisiteness of nature is the beauty of the story that each of these mountains unfold.

Pidirutalagala Mountain 2534 m
A fascinating climb of 8200 feet witnessing impressive waterfalls and breathtaking scenery on the way will make the ascent worth every step and reward you with beautiful reminiscences.

Adam's Peak "Sri Pada Mountain" 2243 m
Adam’s Peak is the only mountain in the world which holds significance for devotees of four major religions. To the Buddhist, the imprint found on the summit of the mountain is the hallowed footprint of the Lord Buddha hence the Name "SriPada". To the Hindus, the footprint is that of God Shiva. To the Christians, it is the footprint of St. Thomas, and to Muslims, it's the foot print of Adam, hence the title "Adam's peak". The peak is also named "Samanala Kanda" which means “mountain of butterflies” that tells of the thousands of butterflies that fly around the mountain. It is 2243m in height above the sea level and about 27km (16 miles) from bottom to the top by foot or 14.4km(9 miles) by vehicle and 12km (7 miles) by foot to the peak.

Knuckles Mountain 1515 m
A significant landmark in Sri Lankan eco-tourism, the range of Knuckles Mountains inherit a rich bio-diversity with great water and wild life resources.

Batalegala Mountain (Bible Rock)
Named “Bible Rock” by Europeans, this fascinating mountain is seen from Kadugannwa pass on the Kandy Colombo Road as a place of great ecological importance on the central hills.