Picturesque Waterfalls

This beautiful island is blessed with an abundance of clear waters rushing towards the great Indian Ocean. Hundreds of rivers and streams radiate from the Central hills as gushing waterfalls sprinkling cool waters on surrounding nature. Hidden between great mountains and flourishing tea plantations, the waterfalls of Sri Lanka are truly mysterious and plentiful for an Island of this size.

Laxapana Falls

With a majestic height of 377 feet, the Laxapana Falls situated in the former Aberdeen Estate has been able to generate electricity for the entire country. This powerful force of nature is formed by the waters of Maskeli Oya, two kilometres from the Norton Bridge. The name “Laxapana” denotes thousands of lamps and has literally lit up the entire island, keeping true to its meaning.

Aberdeen Falls:

Hiding caves beneath its flowing waters, the 322 feet high Aberdeen Falls stands on the grounds of the former Aberdeen estate. Accessible via the Colombo –Hatton main road, this waterfall can also be experienced on your journeys of the hill country.

Devon Falls:

Visit the famous Dimbula Valley, known for its world renowned Ceylon Tea harvest, to get an amazing view of the Devon and St.Claires Falls on your rendezvous in the Talawakelle – Nawalapitiya road.

Rawana Falls:

The great epic –Ramayanaya mentions the caves behind the Ravana falls as the location the demon king –Rawana, chose to hide the beautiful Princess Seetha. Stop over at the Ella-Wellawaya road to feel the beauty of this epic waterfall that glides over rocks of many layers bringing about unexplainable beauty and a feeling of grandeur that only such a regal conception of nature can create.