Who We Are

Sprawled across sixty five thousand square kilometres is an unimaginable diversity encompassing relaxed sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, glorious green forests, lush tea gardens and adventurous mountain treks with rivers flowing through, inviting the discerning traveller to delve in nature’s miracle named Sri Lanka.

Experience Lanka is a unique destination management company that believes in customising the Sri Lankan experience based on individual preference. Each traveller is offered an exclusively tailor- made package with competitive prices. Relaxing beach holidays to adrenalin filled adventure, ayurvedic retreats to advanced medical tourism options, spice gardens serving flavourful cuisine to lush Ceylon tea estates offering you the world’s best cup of tea, your ideal travel needs will be our priority.

We pride ourselves in catering to a varied clientele. Special interest tours such as adventure tours, eco holiday packages, volunteering tours or short stay excursions can be arranged. Destination weddings and exotic Sri Lankan honey moons are planned to perfection by our team. Quality accommodation through world renowned hotel chains offering three to five star luxury, boutique hotels, private bungalows, villas and resorts are part of your choice. Our “Go Local” budget tour packages offer a choice of exploring local culture while residing with locals.

We convert our expertise in the travel and leisure industry to your peace-of-mind and pleasure. Pick a large coach, mini bus or self or chauffeur driven private car for your transportation needs, get assistance from a qualified guide or explore the island on your own, stay in a property we manage ourselves or choose from our list around the country with negotiated rates. Select from a range of tour packages and customise your experience with the multitude of options in store via Experience Lanka – where every customer is unique and special.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Glistening bright like a tiny pearl on the vast Indian Ocean and basking in a tropical climate where sunshine and warm smiles greet you in welcome, Sri Lanka - our island home is a small heaven in the heart of the earth.  A nation where written history dates back two thousand years, people of diverse race, religion and tradition reflect their unique cultural richness. Here, nature’s splendour from golden beaches, majestic mountains to arid deserts and lush jungles, thrive - all within a teardrop shaped isle just 445km long and 225km wide. It is a land that is truly unique in every way, and one that leaves a lasting impression on all who choose to visit it.